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Installation instructions

Installing PANORAMA NORDIC lift-and slide door

In order to make the PANORAMA NORDIC lift-and slide door function well, you should make sure that the door is mounted the right way. Read this instruction carefully before starting the work!

  1. The floor below the threshold should be levelled and prepared for mounting the door using screws. Levelling the floor is most adequate using blocks with max. 30 cm distance in-between. The blocks are glued or fastened to the floor with nails, in order to avoid displacement. When the door is set on the spot, the threshold should be fixed by using 1 screw on each side or two screws if the door is more than 249 cm. wide. The space below the threshold should be isolated very well - all the way to the outside cover.
  2. The threshold should be levelled along the whole length – make sure you use a line for checking. Use the sliding part of the door in order to adjust the locking frame’s wedges, and avoid gaps between the door and the frame both  at the top and the bottom of the door. The side frames should go precisely paralleled with the sliding part.
  3. The door should be mounted using blocks and wedges as it is shown in the picture.  NOTE: 4 fixing points on each frame side.

Fasten the doorpost with 1 screw through each block.

  1. The frame top should NOT be burdened. It can only be fastened with screws to the beam above (look at the picture).
  2. An outside cover under the threshold should be fitted. In extreme weather conditions such as strong wind and rain, the distance from the lower edge of the threshold to the outside floor/ground should not be less than 10 cm.

Note: The distance from the external edge of the threshold to the base should not exceed 2,5 cm.

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